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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I like that idea about the Safari Zone. Also, since you mentioned Dream World Pokemon, how about Altering Cave having DW ability Pokemon after using Street Pass or whatever? Alter makes me think of alternative, which you know, DW abilities are usually a better alternative to the normal abilities. I think it'd work great. I like the idea about Pokeblocks in Safari Zone as well, as long as it's not some convoluted Pokeblock that's hard to make haha. Maybe instead it could attract Pokemon of certain natures? iirc, the cool, cute, etc moves have a color that corresponds to them, as well as the berries corresponding, which goes with natures too. I'd have to go look at Serebii to explain it better. But like you know, yellow Pokeblock attracts Pokemon with +def natures, blue attracts +sp att natures, etc. That make sense?

I never used the Pokeblock man, but I did like the Dept. Store, cause you could get decorations to put in your base to get across holes, which the best ones had holes. But yeah, it's little things like those special events that made it nice too. What else do you think could be added?
Having the Pokeblock work for different natured Pokemon, etc. is a great idea.

Originally Posted by crystalzapdos View Post
This is a good idea. For every Streetpass Tag you get, the Pokemon in the Cave changes. This keeps happening until you get 15 tags. On your 16th tag, it starts over. Also, they should change the Pokemon to be Sinnoh/Unova/6th gen Pokemon.

If they really wanted to, they could also have an item that changes every time, too. The first item would be a Pokeball or Potion, and with every tag you get, the item gets better and better.
Yeah, it would swap each time you get a streetpass tag. Imo though, it might be better suited to being a little more randomized. On top of that, adding in the possibility of getting certain DW Pokes, that could give Altering Cave a chance at being used often.

I really did like the feature though, it deserves to be upgraded.

Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
I think they will proably due away with the Altering cave, perhaps they'll add some version exclusive location to it like the water and magma caves in B2W2. Or perhaps they could put Hoenn's version of Black City and White forest.
If they add more involved with it, it could end up being a great addition to the games.

Back to ideas, I know it's a bit...dated, but does anyone think we'll have any use for Trainer Hill back? There wasn't really a wow factor to it, but it might have some kind of potential I guess, haha. I actually used it a bit, in all honesty.(having a tough time with this one)

Does anyone think that one Winstrate Family and Vito would be given a somewhat bigger role in the remakes? The family seemed to make too big a deal of Vito especially to just leave him out. Maybe you could see him from time to time on your travels, he might help out with something. Who knows...

Does anyone think we'll see some kind of new game involved at the game corner in Mauville(seeing as slots are probably out of the question)? The game corner should end up like that games place on one of the Sevii Islands in FrLg; it could go beyond the usual casino-type place and be given games that can be wirelessly played with others.

I'm probably getting carried away, but these could be some really PACKED games; a lot of ideas that could be brought back and up-to-date.
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?