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Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
Well this one looks awesome !I got one question though...the difficulty of this hack is increased...does it mean that you'll going to have the elite 4 supercharged to lv100 ? because its kinda my opinion the highest level that an enemy should have is lv90 otherwise it will be very hard....good luck on it and i hope you will finish it the final release will be awesome...also you will add in game events to get non kanto and legendary pokemon ( since all 386 should be available) as you said in the first post
Also what's with the logo ( which btw ia awesome :D) it says "furious flames " but the hack is named "furious fire"
Thank you! Funny you should say that because when you battle the Champion for the first time, the maximum Level is 90, the other Elite Four members have Pokemon ranging from 82-87 so it's not impossible, on rematches it will be something like 92-98.
Also about the events I do plan to insert all the legendaries via events just at a later release ^^

Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
Suicune ™ please change the tiles!
i found a bug:
I'm aware of that one, I tried editing the map so I wouldn't have to rescript the event but considering it was just one space off I shook it off and let it go, if it bothers people I'll edit it but there were other things I needed to get done but thanks for reminding me.