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Robert Hawkins

Only a single desk light illuminated Robert's room. Just visible in the gloom was his silhouette, sat at the desk, sorting through various papers and books. The pieces of paper consumed the desk or at least would have if not for what would appear to be a statuette in one corner.

"Pass me the red book over there, please." The statue turned suddenly and jumped from the desk. It scuttled across the mounds of papers and books covering the floor until it stopped before one of the smaller, neater piles and selected a book from the bottom. Clutching it awkwardly between its arms it walked back and offered the book to Robert. He accepted it and laid it on his desk before turning back to the small, humanoid, pseudo-statue. "Thank you, your getting better at carrying them without damaging them. Those little blades may be useful weapons but they are a scourge against literature." Robert lifted the statue into the light and chuckled. "Well little pawniard, we'll be docking soon. We should get our bag and head above deck."

A knock came at the door shortly after. "Come in! It's unlocked," Robert called. The door opened slowly revealing a man surrounded by the light of the hallway.
"Dr. Hawkins, we'll be docking shortly. As requested your documents will be returned to your office once we have made our return journey." Robert nodded, thanked the man and continued to search for the bag Laughner had supplied him.

A few minutes later Robert and his pawniard were above deck watching as the boat made its final manoeuvres into the port. It was nice to stretch his legs again but Robert wished he had more time to look at the maps and information he collected before boarding. Three days to pour over what he had managed to gather suddenly seemed too little. Almost none of his time on the boat was spent socialising and as such Robert had met few of his fellow passengers.The cold night air sent a shiver through Robert's spine as the others gathered around him readying to disembark. He recognised some faces of course but he could not match names to them. A shout went up from the shore to confirm the boat was secure. They began to disembark from the ship. Taking the first steps into a new world.

Robert walked into the centre of Atara village, looking around as he did so. The houses were rag tag affairs hastily constructed for the temporary accommodation of settlers and workers. They swarmed around the base of a large temple like bees around a hive. "Well Pawniard, a sensible man would find the inn and get some sleep...but Im sure a closer look could do no real harm..." They wandered off to the ancient building looming before themin a way that both warned of dangers and whispered of treasures.

The pokemon and its trainer arrived at the base of the temple a few minutes later. Robert ran his hand along the engravings adorning the archway. "These engravings are so masterful. Looking at its age! Such precision shouldnt have been possible...fascinating. I could write papers purely on this archway!" He pulled the water from his pack and poured a small amount over the largest and most intricate looking engraving. The caked on grime was quickly washed away and Robert went back to inspecting it. "Without other samples to compare and contrast its difficult to glean a meaning. I have nothing to take a tracing of it with...We'll have to leave this for now." He peered within the temple. A deep sticky black was all that was visible. It seemed to stick to his eyes as he gazed within. It was a mesmerizing darkness that pulled him in. His breath hung in front of him as the cool air turned it to mist. Robert fought to pull himself away. "Well it would be foolish to explore without some light....I cant bring myself to leave it until tomorrow though. Perhaps the merchants will have something we can use."
"Paw-niard!" The Pawniard nodded at its trainer showing approval.

The pair continued to wander through the village until they stumbled upon the market. Wandering from stall to stall they saw people selling food and others selling clothing. It was a while before they found a man with various exploratory items for sale.
"Excuse me sir! Do you happen to have a torch or lantern of some kind?" Robert waited patiently for the man to reply.
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