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Route 5:

Route 5

Unlike it's eastern counterpart, Route 5 is dangerous and not for the faint of heart, especially during the night. Wild Pokémon are unusually hostile and nobody can really figure out why. Are they just protecting their territory and their young or is there something else?

Route 5 is a skinny road with a unclear path; those with enough courage to brave the road often trip on tree roots and stub their toes on heavy rocks. To trek across the entirety of Route 5 would take an entire day. So taking this route unprepared would be unwise. It does serve as a shortcut between Atara Village and a large campsite, the largest in the Southern Region, named Ningjing camp.

About halfway down Route 5 is another path which curves off to the left. Where does it lead to? You'll have to check it out to see.

If you're going to take Route 5, best take a friend.


WURMPLE - Common
  • Tackle
  • String Shot

STARLY - Common
  • Tackle
  • Growl

  • Tackle
  • Harden

  • Tackle
  • Harden

  • Absorb
  • Gust

DUSTOX - Very Rare
  • Confusion
  • Gust

SCYTHER - Very Rare
  • Vacuum Wave
  • Quick Attack
  • Leer
  • Focus Energy

Julius Rupert Smith

Prepare for trouble and make it double.
+ 1x Torch

Antonio Champers

Click! Antonio Chambers caught the Zubat!!

ZUBAT ♂ Hasty
Inner Focus - Zubat is prevented from flinching.
  • Leech Life
  • Supersonic


- 1x PokéBall
- 1x Potion

Richard Lee Ambrose

The items in question look a little like the following:

Stone glyph:

But somebody bought it before you could...
Mysterious stone:

... under close inspection, it seems the Mysterious stone is a DUSK STONE!

Benjamin Whistler

This ferry ride was full of new experiences for Benjamin. It was the first time he had puked on a boat, the first time he had been on a boat, the first time he had travelled to a new region, the first time he had ever owned a Pokémon. His Rufflet, nicknamed Lucy, didn't really help though with the sea sickness; she had just kind of sat there, looking at him rather worridly. He appreciated her sympathies (if that's what it was) but maybe she should have brought him some ginger tablets.

He almost fell over when he hit try land, still dizzy and wobbly from the boat. He sat there for a moment, trying to find his land legs, then lifted his arms to pull himself up. Still shaky, he pulled his backpack over his shoulder and ventured into Atara Village.

"Notably large structure, looks like a temple. Bustling marketplace during the night. Already a village constructed. Forest to the north."

He took a few pictures with his camera, thanking his lucky stars that Laughner had given it to him to keep. The camera seemed to have infinite storage and according to his editor, would upload all of his pictures to the cloud for storage. The only thing he wished he had was a laptop so he could begin to compile everything together. No matter.

His eyes spotted one of his fellow travellers which Laughner had hired, the eldest one of the lot. Benjamin admired him and his courage. In the long and painful three days he had known him, Benjamin had snuck looks at the man's research. It was wonderful.

"Ex-excuse me, s-sir. Mr. Am-ambrose, sir," Benjamin walked up to the man, camera ready. "Can I pl-please get a photo, photo of you? For Mr. Laugh-Laughner's reports, of c-c-course."

Rin Shavi

Oh no! The Diglett failed to be caught! It hasn't run away, so if you're quick, you can battle and catch it!

Stone glyph:

- 1200P
- 1x PokéBall
+ 1x Fresh Water
+ 1x Stone Glyph
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