Thread: [HGSS] plz rate heart gold team
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Firstly, going to move this to the in-game team help section which is where this sort of thing belongs.

You might want more levelling there given mid-30s is a bit lower than what I typically reach for a full team of six. It could be beatable but you'd need a lot of revives and whatnot for it. You can rebattle trainers via the phone, or go against wild Pokemon in Victory Road. Also note there's some trainers you might have skipped via surfing south of Goldenrod, exploring Union Cave via Surf and also going west of Cianwood towards the Safari Zone if you haven't already.

Jolteon would want something else besides Tackle and Strength is not that useful on Growlithe either. (Later on too it can get Flare Blitz which is useful too). Otherwise the movesets are not too bad.