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Julia - Tent in Heroes Loft
(I switched Entei and Julia's order to coincide with Quto's post.)

Julia met Kiba's gaze with a friendly smile that was no longer all that awkward as she grew more comfortable with sharing these sorts of emotions with him, listening to him as he spoke. As he continued she opened her mouth to offer him her company only to be interrupted by Irek and company, who offered to carry him. Julia somehow found this amusing. Sure, she was a girl of no significant muscle strength, but Irek was an itty bitty pokemon! The thought of him carrying Kiba; It elicited a brief, perhaps mysterious giggle from her. Given, Irek was a pokemon. Super strength, and all. It was just the visual image that was silly to her. After she regained her composure Julia immediately spoke up.

"Um... Ki, Kiba's lucario, said he might be able to get Kiba walking again. ...He can talk, sort of."

She gave Kiba a funny look at that last part, as if trying to make sure he was aware of this. The whole talking thing was clearly very noteworthy to her. Why couldn't her pokemon talk? She could bet her haunter would constantly have hilarious things to say with how much he chuckled! That... that or his jokes were terrifyingly morbid.

Entei seemed to study Ki for a moment, as if trying to figure out if he was being subtly sarcastic. He honestly didn't seem to be offended by the proximity, though. After that moment passed he spoke up again, in a slightly less gruff tone. But really, what exactly was one to expect from a dog pokemon known for causing cataclysmic disasters with it's roars? Terrifying to humans, his voice was probably the most manly thing imaginable among pokemon or something like that.

Entei: "...Their petty squabbles--It is age that pulls their friendship apart. They are not the same children they were."

A momentary pause, before Entei let out something of a sigh. This ironically caused the flames around his paws to flame up in a particularly vicious manner, before abruptly calming down again. Of course, they couldn't burn him. It seemed perhaps that keeping control of his powers was more of a concentration thing.

Entei: "...It was only through the combined might of all four of them that I was originally caught to begin with. I'd never seen nor heard of humans working together so well. Alone they were weak. I would've crushed any one of them under my paw for daring to corner me, and yet together they yielded a strength far greater than my own."

Entei turned his head away.

Entei: "It has always been the duty of pokemon to appear when they are needed. I cannot help but feel that I appeared before a trainer with the skill to capture me because I was meant to be captured... The question is, why..."

Entei turned his gaze back to Ki.

Entei: "I tore them apart. It was the question of whom would receive my power that began the end of their friendship. They fought like children before my very eyes, disguting me. It took all my patience not to take advantage of this to escape."

A momentary pause, followed by a softer tone, one of reminiscing.

Entei: "...The girl you see is different--Despite her moments of weaknesses it was her and her alone that thought their friendship was worth saving. She chose to come here despite the risks, despite being quite weak on her own. The fiery passion burning in her heart inspired her companions, temporarily rekindling their ability to cooperate. They allowed her to go, knowing full well what she desired to wish for, even going so far as to give her their pokemon in support. Most of the pokemon Julia uses are not her own, but that of her companions. Only two are truly hers, one of which was downed in combat last night."

Another momentary pause.

Entei: "...I feel no pity. Her own naivety and negligence caused that injury."

As Entei continued, his tone actually grew... disturbed, as if recounting a much less pleasant memory.

Entei: "She wields terrifying pokemon capable of extinguishing the very flame of life itself from everything and anything in her way under a /cold/... blanket of /death/ if used properly, but she NEVER LETS THEM!..."

Despite the rage that seeped into his voice for a moment, he seemed to stay in control of his powers.

Entei: "...Not to save Kiba... Not to save her pokemon... Not to save /herself/."

Ki might perhaps recall when the boys had originally found Julia unconscious. Entei proceeded to shake his head in disappointment, clearly frustrated with his trainer. Apparently he stayed with her out of a feeling of fate. It was his... 'duty' to serve her, as he called it. He abruptly stiffened however when Irek finished talking to the humans inside the tent and came out to speak to him. Oddly enough, discussing his thoughts with Ki had helped calm his temper. And here he was just going to go for a walk to help with that!

...Entei turned his gaze upon Irek, and stared at him as if silently peering into his very soul. After the moment passed he responded in a rather quiet tone.

Entei: "...No... ... ...This, I'm afraid, is simply beyond my control."

Entei gestured by lifting one of his paws, admitting that he just... didn't have complete control of his fiery powers.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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