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Julia Blackwood - Near Heroes' Loft
Julia was embraced, blushing a nice pink color at all these gestures and shifting a bit to give Kiba a light squeeze as he laid his head against her. Yes, she enjoyed extended periods of direct contact with you too Kiba. Perhaps you should run some tests just to make sure. Needless to say, a Julia-hug was quite pleasant in the sense that she seemed perfectly comfortable with it. It was as if he never had to let go if he didn't want to. As Kiba asked her what they should do Julia shifted her weight towards one of her hips to better support eachother. She may not have been a physicist, but she knew what felt right by instinct and experience. Or... did she? I mean honestly, if Kiba ever got hurt, was she supposed to hit him? Did that work, or was it a Ki thing? She had never hit someone before, but she'd heard it was /supposed/ to hurt. Better test to see if Ki weighs more than a duck.

"Um... I guess we should head over to the show! That pikachu was talking about getting good seats, and it might take us a bit longer... Alright?"

With that, she began to move. It was indeed much slower to walk this way, but she didn't seem to care, that is until a thought occured to her. Now why hadn't she thought of this before?

"Or... we could ride Entei there!"

Normally, she would've ridden Roy, but the huge, powerful bird pokemon was currently... incapacitated. She silently reminded herself to check on him later.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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