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Mako Reese

"Are going to have to explain yourself if you want me to let you out of there!...And, uh... speak up. It's hard to hear out here." Words of a feminine tone echoed through the darkness. The voice was loud and thundering, but at the same time it was gentle and disciplinary. That said, the methods were anything but from Mako's standpoint. Each pounding of the girl's stomach was an ear on a tambourine to Mako. Mako looked around to find the voice, though he quickly found it to be a pointless venture, it was too dark and cramped for someone else to be there.

"Lucy?" Mako asked loudly, looking around aimlessly. It was clear by this point that the speaker was his assailant. Hold on...who's Lucy? What's more, who's Tarsus Gin...this is all so confusing... Mako started to hold his head, applying pressure to repress the pain of confusion. "Wait, wait! Lucy? Are you Lucy?" It had to be her, the voice must have triggered his reminiscence. But...why did he know her? For the short time he'd seen her after regaining consciousness he was sure he'd never seen her before, but her voice had an air of familiarity about it. "Lucy, what's going on? Do you know how I got here?" He stopped himself. "Er...other than your eating me? Do you know who this Tarsus Gin character is?" He asked his own questions and completely disregarded Lucy's- on purpose. He wasn't even able to answer her questions if he tried, and he tried to make it known with his own line of questioning; after all, at this point the mysterious girl who trapped him knew more about his situation than he did.

"You're seriously going to trust this girl after she ate you?" Kraus barked dubiously. It was a fair enough question, albeit an unusual one. Mako looked back at the disembodied musings with a somber and almost blank and spiteful face, giving off a "Back off, I'm shunning you" sort of aura.
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