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    So as the title says. Why don't you review. This isn't strictly for people who don't review. There are a lot of writers who post their writing online, but don't really contribute much to the section. They just post and run. As I like to say.

    Is it time? Do you hate reading and like writing? Do people's stories annoy you to some extent? This would be a good time to blow some steam off without metioning names. What are some examples that really prohibt you from reviewing another person's story? Do you read a story then hate it and back out without saying anything? Is it really too much of a chore to flat out say I dislike your story because it doesn't appeal to me?

    As for me I really don't like reviewing fictons that are heavily chaptered in. I like to progress with the author as it goes along. I really don't like spending time reviewing a whole fiction because I miss small details. I tend not to review much because I feel I can't contribute useful information other than my personal take on the story.

    But I do like to review author's stories who are new to the site usually because I know something that could help them in the long run.
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