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    Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
    some stuff:

    1) Wrap/paralysis. Use paralysis to stun your opponent before Wrapping it constantly. Stun ensures your opponent always move last and the Wrap would therefore completely immobilise your opponent yet dish damage at the same time. Victrebel/Arbok/Dragonite are good users of this.

    2) X-accuracy and Fissure/Horndrill. Breaks the game.

    3) Psychics are OP in this gen. Includes mew and mewtwo. google what is the mew glitch to get one without needing to use cheat codes (but you prob beat that trainer long ago).

    4) And seriously stop considering flareon. seriously. The other 2 are WAY BETTER keep emphasizing that

    5) of the 3 legendary birds only zapdos is most worth keeping. articuno is decent but moltres is bad.

    6) CHANSEY
    1. Dragonite sounds like a good idea. Seeing that a lot. The strategy sounds strong. Thanks. I guess I can fish in safari or buy a lot of coins with the Elite 4 money for a Dratini.

    2. I have fissure. I have to look up horndrill. However, items can't be used in gen1 in player battles so idk how to include this completely. I am thinking I could put fissure on one with some healing move? Can Snorlax learn Fissure?

    3. I have both Mew and Mewtwo. Using Mewtwo sounds great since it is already 70 but should I use both?

    4. Yeah, I see a lot of good things on Jolteon. But I am not sure that using Zapados is not better. Worried about to many legendarys will give me a flying weakness. One thing to consider is they prally won't think this out as much as I am so they prally WILL have a flying weakness bc they may have all 3 birds.

    5. Zapdos does seem awesome. Moltres has fire spin which traps and does damage but idk if it has the speed to do that higher levels.

    6. What moveset on Chansey?

    Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
    If legends are in play: Mewtwo, Zapdos, Venusaur, Dragonite, Starmie, and Snorlax. No legends, swap Mewtwo for Alakazam and Zapdos for Jolteon.
    This is about the lineup that I was thinking after reading everything. I want to be strong against flying bc I expect them to have several of the birds. I am still curious about including chansey which I have caught and is 62 I think so not much grinding. If I were to include Chansey then who would I change out?

    1. Mewtwo
    2. Zapdos
    3. Venusaur
    4. Dragonite
    5. Starmie
    6. Snorlax

    Anyone want to help me with movesets? And strategies?

    Thanks again to everyone for your contributions.

    Oh, another big thing. Gengar? Ghosts seem really strong. Should I not try to include that? I have so much to learn... I need to memorize the weaknesses. I know most but the resistances get me more.