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Originally Posted by Sgt Shock View Post
What? Sgt Shock is alive!

Reviewing for me is a reward for the writer as well as some strong pointers here and there. The reason I don’t review as often as I should is because I feel like it has to be somewhat earned. I have to see a certain degree of dedication. That is mainly why I don’t review the first chapters because I feel like I have to get to know them to judge where they are going. Also, I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

Reviewing can be fun if the writer interacts as well. I have told several people things in their work and they won’t listen. I feel like I’m talking just to be talking sometimes. That discourages me from writing my normally lengthy reviews to just anybody. Most of the time, I know fan fiction writers don’t really think about the fundamentals of the writing process. I have no passion to point out those. They should be something that the writer themselves go out and take initiative.

So, ultimately, I have to be impressed. I know it sounds rather bad, but I feel like it is more rewarding to the viewer when they see a good half a page for their effort. So, I don’t hand them out as often.
I wouldn't be surprised if a sheer number of dedicated authors who post and review follow this in someway. I like that, in fact I may just adopt this method of reviewing.

Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
I just don't want to read Pokemon fics. I've been reading Pokemon fics for years, and I'm getting tired of them. (Plus drifting away from the fandom itself.) So sometimes it just feels like a job reviewing here, which is how I look at it some days.

I agree with psyanic about the monotony of reviewing. It feels as if I'm saying the same thing over and over in reviews. Because what I'm saying is such basic information (like using spell-check, punctuating dialogue, poo poo that's easily looked-up by either Googling or reading a stickied thread on this very forum), it gets disheartening to be saying the same thing over and over.
Wow, being on this section must be taking its toll. If it was up to me I would have threw in the towel already. Luckily you sound dedicated, but I wouldn't blame you that you've gotten to the point of 'why bother'. I tend to think that the same mistakes would come from new members that post.

I remember when I first posted here I had the mistake of not spacing. After being here for almost 8 months, I've seen the same mistakes over and over. Mostly from new people of course, they don't space their stories.

Originally Posted by Psyanic View Post
Anyway, fics tend to have the same problems, a lot of which could be solved by reading the Writer's Resources thread. People don't spell correctly, can't form correct grammar, can't establish characters, etc. You don't even need to check out the Writer's Resources when you can read a book and follow an example. I'm not saying plagiarize it, but study the prose of the novel. Take notes on the characters, plot, and everything else. If more writers did that before they even dived into fanfiction, I feel that most problems would be eliminated.
Moreover, I remember I studied the Writer's Resources after my first failed fiction I posted on PC. I felt I couldn't post any work without knowing the basics first. After a while I started picking up few books and did the exact same thing. Eh, seems that I like Stephen King now. Werid how I discovered new things just because I wanted to write my version of pokemon.

When I was a new writer I did jump into fan fiction without knowing what hell I was getting myself into. But If people really did like to write all of this would obviously be second nature. I know it was for me. Although, If I knew the basics beforehand I probably would have created a better quality first fan fiction. Since I was a newbie I was eager do post whatever I wrote. I noticed I've only posted very few fictions for the 8 or 9 months i've been here. Only because I feel there is more I need to know.

So, I guess a reviewer must be able to tolerate a lot. I agree though, if people knew the basics first, then maybe, just maybe, FF&W would have better quality fan fictions. Then reviewing would be more fun and less of a hassle. Somehow I hoped to get more dedicated and great writers on here so we could really let out more opinion and concern. It is a community after all.
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