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Rules: Nickname all pokemon , change rules to set.

Game: Emerald

Update 1

First Pokemon I choose from Birch was Jolteon named it Jolt Cola

went off to Oldale town battle may in route 103 defeated her treecko.

Went back to little root town.

get the pokedex and some pokeballs

get my running shoes

in route 101 I caught Cloyster named it Clamps at level 2

went to route 103 caught a Natu named it Burton at Level 3

went to route 102 caught Starmie named it Shiryuken at level 2

battled some trainers at route 102

went to petalburg city

talk to my dad

watched wally capture ralts.

meet the stalker known as scott

went inside petalburg woods found a smeargle killed it. so no pokemon from petal woods.

Battled an Aqua grunt.

caught a Nidorino at route 104 named it King Henry at level 5

battled some trainers on the way to rustburo city.

Made it to Rustburo city.

Got the Cut HM from the cutter.

got quick claw from the teacher.

went to the gym.

Battled some trainers

took on Roxanne.

her nosepass killed Shiryuken aka my Starmie

I defeated her nosepass with Clamps aka my Cloyster with Aurora beam.

and I got the stone badge.

put Shiryuken in the Heaven's Box

healed my pokemon up.

saved my game.

Current Team

Clamps (Cloyster) - Level 9

Jolt Cola (Jolteon) - Level 6

Burton (Natu) - Level 7

King Henry (Nidorino) Level 4

Deceased Pokemon

Shiryuken (starmie) met at route 102 at Level 2 died at level 9 in rustburo gym.