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This Is Our Last Goodbye
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    Alright, I've only progressed a bit, so, consider this as a Prologue.


    Meet our awesome protagonist.

    Inside a truck, there's a little guy sleeping, curled up like a ball. Just today it happens to be his tenth birthday, and also the day he finally gets a name. So, what would the name of this young fellow be?

    -Dumbuss Maximuss-

    Pretty funny, I have to say... but now let's get serious!


    Is that even a name? Anyways, Vato is just lying in the floor of the truck, minding his own business, thinking about many things. Among those things, he wonders how different Littleroot Town will be from his hometown in Johto.

    And he's also eager to see his father, with whom he hadn't talked since he moved to Petalburgh when he became a leader.

    "Oh, crap!" Vato yelled as he suddenly hit the boxes surrounding him. The truck had just stopped.

    Why am I here, anyways? She thought, Oh, yes, MOM.

    He heard the door of the truck opening, Thank god! he thought, I was starting to suffocate in here!

    As he stood up, he took his first steps in Littleroot Town.

    And yes, I just began playing...

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