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    Ignis looked at the caravan full of food that he had just stolen, he knew there was to much food in there for them. Well not too much food for say, but to much to travel with, and he hated to remain still for long. What could they possible do with it? Give it away? He cringed at the thought, “I didn’t steal that just to give it to others out of pity,” he thought to himself. He turned his attention to his brother, who had just asked him a question.

    Fulgur: “So, that went well, how much food do we have?
    Ignis: “To much..
    Fulgur: “How can there be to much? It’s not like it’s easy to come by.
    Ignis: “It’s to much because if we intend to eat it we’ll be stuck in this location for to long.
    Fulgur: “I see, well what do you suppose we do with the rest that we can’t carry? I guess we could give it to the people of Children’s City..

    Ignis glared at his brother out of hatred for that idea. There was no way he was giving that food away, but what else could be done? There most be something. Think, THINK damn it. Fulgur stared at Ignis he knew the suggestion would upset him but what else could he have said? It wasn’t like they were just going to leave the food in the middle of the woods. “Maybe we cou--,” Fulgur began to think when suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by the sadistic facial expression that emerged on Ignis’ face.

    Ignis: “I know!
    Fulgur: “Oh? What then?
    Ignis: “You’ll see.

    Torch: “Are you sure about this? I mean it seems likely it could end bad..
    Ignis: “No this is a perfect idea, and it will anger them even more then stealing it in the first place.
    Torch: “Alright, then let’s do this.

    Ignis walked over to the caravan and began digging through the food looking for things he liked or knew helped you survive longer and healthier. Now that sort of food was rare to get. After a bit of digging he tossed some various things into their travelling bag filling it. Then looked at Fulgur.

    Ignis: “Here Take this!” he tossed the bag to Fulgur.
    Fulgur: “um okay, but what is it you’re going t--” cut off again

    Ignis lifted the caravan and teleported in an instant.

    Fulgur: “What do you suppose he’s going to do?
    Static: “I’m not sure but knowing his rash decisions I bet we’ll find him in Jubilife.
    Fulgur: “You’re probably right, let’s go see.

    Fulgur’s body glows multicolored, then he disappears. Seconds later, he reappears on top of a building in Jubilife. He was in the middle portion of the town and looking dowm, sure enough their was Ignis right in the center of town grabbing everyone’s attention.

    Fulgur: “This can’t be good.
    Static: “Watch and see.

    Ignis appeared in the center most portion of Jubilife instantly grabbing the attention of all the adults in the immediate area. The adults started yelling to many at once to make any sense of it but it was drawing a crowd. As if that wasn’t enough the following actions would surely draw attention.

    He placed the caravan onto the ground and jumped up onto the top of it.

    Random Adult 1: “Hey, that’s our missing supply caravan!
    Ignis: “Yes, yes it is. You see I took what I needed out of it and thought I’d bring it back. It’s kind of a hassle to take with me all the time” his eyes flash light blue and he begins to levitate above the caravan
    Random Adult 2: “You don’t think we are going to just let you get away do you?
    Ignis: "You don’t have much of a choice. Besides you really ought to put the flames out before all the food burns
    Random Adult 2: “What fla--

    Ignis’ body turned red and he released a white fire with a red-orange flame spiraling around it at the caravan instantly setting it ablaze and burning the food within. A panic broke out among the adults some trying to stop the flames the others trying to catch Ignis but to no avail, he’d either fling them away with Psychic or just dodge for fun. One woman, however, managed to grab hold of him briefly. He stopped his showboating and glared at her dropping his Psychic aura and landing on the ground a few feet in front of the woman. He slams his fists together in front of him and a purple orb with orange-yellow streaks spiraling around it appears around his body. He then puts one of his fists out and slams into the woman.

    The crowd draws to a silence. Ignis rejoices momentarily in the peace before his body glows multicolored, and he disappears leaving the woman and her now shattered figure dead in the middle of the crowd.

    Fulgur: “He’s getting worse, at this rate we'll never stop him from trying to wipe them all out.
    Static: “I’m starting to fear the thought of attempting to stand in his way, even if he is your brother.”

    Fulgur teleports back to the forest finding his brother there already staring at the sky.

    Fulgur: “Did you have to take it that far?
    Ignis: “They need to learn their place in the world, if killing them is the way they learn then so be it.
    Fulgur: “But a women? And for the mere fact that she touched you?
    Ignis: “Men, Women, they're all the same. Besides what better way to kill a mans spirit then to take away the women first?

    Fulgur fell silent, his brother was becoming more cynical with each passing day and he could do nothing but watch. He knew his brother cared for him, they're family after all. But he feared even he wasn’t ‘untouchable’ if Ignis was to snap. He wanted to speak more but couldn’t form the words, then Ignis spoke up instead.

    Ignis: “Come, were walking to Children’s City.
    Fulgur: “Okay, why are we walking though?
    Ignis: “Because I have a strange feeling something interesting may happen if we walk, besides maybe I’ll find more people to kill along the way.

    Fulgur went silent again, he wanted to try to convince Ignis to not kill, but the fear in him after that brutal killing kept him from speaking out this time.
    The two began walking towards Children’s City, silence filling the air as they walked.
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