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    Route 206

    Amethyst just sort of blankly watched the... Er... Argument taking place between Lucy and her... Dinner. Amethyst was always told not to play with her food, but this was ridiculous. Did she... Enjoy eating people? Did they taste good? Amethyst could only assume that they didn't, or Lucy would have swallowed him already. Honestly it didn't really bother her much now. The shock seemed to have slowly died down. She distracted herself conveniently as Blade had started up.

    Kid, there's a Wielder over there... Watching us.

    She noticed, and it seemed Lucy had just noticed as well. What the heck is he doing?

    Why don't you uh... Hehe... Give him a little shove in the other direction?

    She pondered the idea. I have the powers, so it'd be wrong to not use them, right? Especially when I could help protect Lucy and anyone I care about from creeps like that... She leaped forward, right off of Lucy. At first it seemed like she had tumbled over, but she had quickly tucked and rolled, back on her feet. This little girl was going commando, like Charlie Sheen in Platoon. Once she was upright, she had planted both fists firmly into the ground, making a triangular shape. Her eyes were glowing brightly (Especially her left eye, Weavile Red) and she let out a wicked SNARL, known for damaging enemies, lowering their special abilities, and scaring the pants right off of 'em.

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