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Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
you not see the bad joke a clearly stated <insert bad joke here>
i dont mind at all

Doing it properly my not easy either (you get half *** ones if you rush or make an error at the start (Colress is a pain for that reason)) doing it my way little detail remain

Wanna explain some things
Made his hair like his Gbc version

keep in mind chuck Norris doesn't battle he allows you to lose
and the background not red that's the blood of a Arceus
That still doesn't excuse laziness...

Originally Posted by Ksiazek Bartlomiej View Post
I do not agree with others... RodriguezJames55 do a great work... I used him sprites in my pokemon hack <POKEMON UNOVA RUBY> And it works perfectly... He do it great.
I have things to say to you.
1. He did not "do a great work"
2. Just because they can be inserted in the game doesn't make them good.
3. We are talking about QUALITY work. If you can't admit something so obvious, you clearly have no right to talk.
Also, good luck getting people to play your hack. Which I can't seem to find anywhere...

Logic, so rare it's a goddamn superpower...
I also started messing with soundfonts... Check the rest of my channel for more.
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