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See, this is the argument that most nostalgia-addled people are actually making, but they don't feel that it's good enough so they try to obscure it with more 'objective' reasons for thinking the games are better.

I love the movie Hercules and Xena. I know it's a crappy movie. I know that there are a million movies that are better than it, and probably many Hercules-based movies better than it. I love it because I watched it as a kid and memorized the songs and when I watch it I get nostalgic. That's why I love it and there's nothing wrong with it until people start claiming that the new games are objectively worse than the old games because they can't accept that their personal opinion differs from objective logic due to nostalgia.

As far as my opinion on the generations? The fifth has been the best socially for me. I've never been a social butterfly. I played my games on my own, only connecting with my sister for things. So when I was a kid, Pokemon was never something that became a social thing for me. However, when I got B/W, I went with 4 other people from my college. I talked to them every day about it, and then joined a Pokemon forum for the first time to have a wider base to discuss it with. My social experience with B/W has been better than any past generation.

Edit: And, for people that aren't big on the later generations around my age, they have a lot of people to talk to. But I don't talk to those people because it personally annoys me. I'm annoyed by people that claim they love Pokemon and the words Castelia or Kyurem mean nothing to them. I know it's on the judgmental side and I should let them have their own opinions but no one is perfect so I just try to avoid talking Pokemon with people because 95% of the time they'll just disappoint me.

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