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    Originally Posted by PsychoToxin View Post
    You're two years older than me... If you're going to talk down on me, don't expect me to take you seriously. Also, a minute a post doesn't take much out of my life. Plus, I say the same thing? He asked for CC and also used a sprite he didn't ask permission to use.

    Why should I give you constructive criticism if you willfully ignore it. If you prefer not to give effort, be my guest. You could have told me sooner so then I could have saved a minute or two from my life that Ark_Silvanos implies I don't have.

    I'm sorry, I'm speaking out of frustration. On a serious note I redid my Misty sprite: Someone please, make a video using this sprite.
    Lol after all that **** u just said about how ur giving him CC, its absolutely breath-taking how constructive and helpful this post truly is. Wow, i'm impressed, kid, keep up the good work. I'm sure your doing your best to help new spriters spread their wings and improve. You know the difference between you and every1 else? How many others do you see coming back to the thread to say his sprites aren't upto par as often as you? Thats why I asked if u didn't have anything better to do... not cuz i thought u had no life... but the fact that you thought that way really makes me wonder if you do...

    @rodriguezjames55: see, resizing isn't so tough , and the sprite looks good as far as i can tell, though you could fix the hair on the right side a bit... keep going with the smaller sprites and go from there... oh and happy birthday

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