Thread: [Gen V] Houses Of The Holy (Ubers)
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    I'd put kyogre in your threats list, it 2hkos your entire team

    [3:44:43 PM] Ianeh: tell him specs palk > dialga sr on ferro exca > kabu and scarf ogre
    [3:44:45 PM] Divination: lol k
    [3:44:48 PM] Ianeh: :3
    [3:44:49 PM] Ianeh: .-.
    [3:44:51 PM] Ianeh: - lila

    so in short specs palkia gives you another switchin to kyogre, along with ferrothorn, so you can get handle it easier, and also has great synergy with the scarf kyogre reccomended [specs palk lures in and 2hkos ferro with hydro pump, opening up a sweep for ogre].

    excadory helps with your zekrom problem and apparently is one of the best offensive spinners in ubers

    also this just in

    [3:47:09 PM] Ianeh: tell him to run a more offensive exca set so that he wear down gira-a / o and spin
    [3:47:13 PM] Ianeh: and it helps vs zekrom

    also former youtube great blazin kickin chicken [bkc] suggests lum iron head exca, to counter the influx of WoW giratina-o in bw2 metagame, also switch lugia over to multiscale

    hopefully all of our rating helped your team so it can get to #1