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    Malik dashed out of the dark, ominous forest that was the Ilex Forest. Malik had been wondering around aimlessly for days, hoping to find someone, or a way out. Thank God I'm out of those damned woods, he thought to himself. He looked around and found himself staring at a field of extremely over grown grass.

    He hadn't had anything to eat or drink since before the...incident...that took his entire family and all of Azalea Town. He hadn't had any sleep since then either. Every time he tried, the images would fill his head. He was exhausted, and couldn't think clear enough to imagine what might be in the grass, and blindly stumbled in.

    He looked around while he was wading through the grass that came up to his neck, and saw ripples in the grass. At first, that jarred his heart, knowing it was probably a pokemon. Maybe even...a bug pokemon. He shuddered and began to run quickly. After a few minutes of sheer sprinting, he spun around to find the ripples following him. Oh no! It's bug pokemon, and they're hungry! Malik panicked, and whirled around to run straight into a sickly man in a lab coat, who fell right over.
    "Sir, I'm so sorry." he said quickly and nervously. The man stood up to his full height, and in all honesty, was a quite a bit shorter than Malik. "Wait, I know you!" he exclaimed. "Your Proffesor Elm, the pokemon researcher!" he shouted, forgetting the menacing ripples behind. "What are you doing out here?" he said with a puzzled look on his face.

    The reknowned professor sighed. "It's fine young man. I see you've heard of me." he chuckled lightly. "It's glad to see some people haven't forgotten who I am." he sighed. "I'm looking for promising trainers who survived. That's how you know they're clever." he said with a mournful face. "Sadly most of the good old trainers I knew are gone."

    Haru frowned with a guilty look on his face. "I didn't make it because of my wits. I made it because my parents died for me." images of the village's final stand filled his head, and his body was wracked with a sob.

    The proffesor noticed the young man's sadness. "It doesn't matter. You survived. That does matter." he put emphasis on the word does to make sure he got the point. "Have you ever worked with pokemon before?" he asked in an inquistive manner.

    Malik nodded. "Yeah. I worked with the Azalea Town charcoal maker and he let me use a Farfetch'd." he sighed remembering his friend, Beater.

    Elm nodded and rubbed his chin. "I think I have something for you." he reached into his lab coat and pulled out an envelope. "Take this, and head towards CherryGrove City,that away." he pointed to the south. Malik accepted it, and stuck it in his pocket. "Don't lose it, and take these as well." he pulled a handful of...pokeballs from his lab coat and handed them to Malik. There were fifteen in total. "These are all empty. Use them to catch wild pokemon." Malik took them from his hands and put them in his grey backpack that he took everywhere. "Take this one as well." he handed him one single pokeball. "It contains your first pokemon, a Totodile." he handed him an enlarged pokeball. "Go ahead and toss it."

    Malik was overwhelmed by the gifts. He held the large pokeball. "There's an actual pokemon in here?" he asked in total awe. The proffesor nodded.

    He threw the pokeball, and a blue alligator type creature popped out. "Toto totodile!" it let out a hoarse cry, and Malik jumped. "No way!" he exclaimed. It was his very own pokemon! "What moves does it no?" he asked with his voice full of excitement.

    Proffesor Elm seemed pleased with the boy's enthusiasm. "It only knows two moves, chip away and water gun." he said proudly.

    Malik was overjoyed, but noticed the ripples finally appear. Four angry looking Weedles appeared, and Malik froze. "Bu-bug pokemon!" he shouted in fear. "Totodile, use water gun!" the Totodile spurt a burst of water at the four creatures, knocking them far away.

    Proffesor Elm gasped in shock at the pair's quick bond. "Totodile never took to anybody's orders like that!" he exclaimed. "Would you like to give it a nickname?" he asked excitedly.

    Malik thought about it for a minute, and snapped his fingers. "Got it, I'll call you Fin!" he said, proud of his choice of name.

    Proffesor Elm gasped, "I almost forgot! Take this." he handed the young man a strange device. "It's a pokedex. It automatically records data of pokemon that you meet." he handed it to Malik, who graciously excepted it.

    "Thank you proffesor. I won't forget this." he said with a lift in his voice.

    "One more thing, take these. Your stomach has been grumbling the entire time." he handed the famished youth a sack of apples and multiple bottles of water. Malik blushed, and accepted those gifts as well. "Now I must be off. Be careful...Malik is it?" he winked with a knowing look in his eye, and walked off.

    Malik gulped. He had met a legendary pokemon researcher, and was given a pokemon! He even defeated other pokemon, bug pokemon! He looked at Fin, who had a carefree grin. "We're going to be best friends." he grinned as the Totodile nodded swiftly in agreement. "Now let's go." the pair began to walk through the grass towards CherryGrove City, unafraid of anything with each other.