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Lucy - Traveling to Oreburgh
Lucy just sort of listened to what the boy within her had to say. Both an exasperated expression and a light blush appeared on her cheeks as she listened. See, here she was trying to interrogate a guy and he brought attention to the elephant in the room! Geez! She decidedly forced herself not to hold it against him though. Lucy panicked a moment as Amethyst jumped off her shoulders, as if fearing that she'd accidentally dropped the girl. When Amethyst actually moved forward on her own and started snarling however Lucy stopped. Geez..! She was pretty sure she hadn't seen this side of the girl before. She just sort of... stared for a moment before reaching her arms around her stomach and promptly releasing Mako into them, plausibly terrifying the already disturbed boy being snarled at. Lucy proceeded to set Mako down without comment and gaze out towards the other male, raising a brow as he blatantly tried to screw with them. Was he /trying/ to get attacked? You were supposed to be remotely /subtle/ about this sort of thing! Disregarding the poor boy she had just released, Lucy shifted her weight to one hip and crossed her arms indignantly.

"Hey! If you're so friendly, stop messing with us and tell us what you're doing!"

She totally sounded a tad annoyed. She didn't like the fact that he'd somehow managed to provoke Amethyst into hostile mode. Didn't like that he was blatantly trying to mess with them for some unknown reason. She had her reasons, some more significant than others.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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