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    So I'm fairly new to spriting. I've started out by making splices, now practically all of my sprites are scratches. But the thing is, I've never showed them to anyone, which means that I've never gotten any criticism. And I can't really judge my own work, since I can't be sure if I'm overestimating or being too harsh on myself. At the moment, they seem to be... well, bad. Any tips on how to improve?
    So here are nine sprites, the starters and their evolved forms:

    If anyone needs their etymologies:
    The Alligator Pokemon - Gatoakr (Alligator+Oak)
    The Crocodile Pokemon - Wilowdile (Willow + Crocodile)
    The Drake Pokemon - Yggdrakil (Yggdrasil + Drake + Kill) (Part Dragon)
    The Rat Pokemon - Pyrat (Pyro + Rat)
    The Marsupial Pokemon - Flamsupial (Flame + Marsupial)
    The Heroic Pokemon - Siegfire (Siegfried + Fire) (Part Psychic)
    The Squid Pokemon - Squiglet (Squid + -let)
    The Octopus Pokemon - Octhanat (Octopus + Thanathos) (Part Dark)
    The Abomination Pokemon - Cthulloid (Cthulhu + -oid) (Part Dark)
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