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    Originally Posted by Fire Flyy View Post
    Cool team, if you want to evolve Pikachu well Lass Dana on Route 39 gives Thunderstones occasionally if you have her number registered. Also I think using a Fighting-Type like Machoke or Hitmontop would be cool since Dark Types and RocK Types might be annoying for the team to face. Also Rain Dance is sort of un-needed on Pikachu if you don't have Thunder, maybe look into Slam or Double Team.
    Thanks, I do in fact have a thunderstone from Lass Dana already, I'm actually waiting for Thunder @ 41 then using it and thus Rain Dance becomes useful.

    If I used Hitmontop or Machoke, do you have suggestions on the movesets? I've only used Machoke once back in the day. I typically went with Heracross or Poliwrath if I had a fighter at all.