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    I didn't see a thread for this, so sorry if this is a duplicate thread .
    Cutting to the chase I saw the trailer for the Deadpool game on youtube yesterday and I got so excited! I'm not really sure how it'll play, looking at the trailer, so if its an FPS my heart will shatter. However it looked so good and got me wondering is there anything your excited for thats coming out gamewise (not hardware like the Wii U).

    My list is:
    Paper Mario: Sticker Star
    Black/White 2 (mainly for the competitive aspect).
    A game that was featured for the PS3 at E3, where a guy controlled the electric grid of this city, but I can't remember the name.
    Then of course I have my usual excitement for FIFA 13 and Football Manager 13, even though they are more like updates then new games.
    My little brother has also got me excited for WWE 13, though I've not played WWE since the 2008 game :/ so I might be out of it hahah.
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