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    Originally Posted by PokemonMasters
    well, its up to you to decide, but i dont think the name fits in with the plot and stuff.
    Yes, it's my decision, I'm just asking for the input of others if they have any...
    ...and the title 'Pokemon Jasper' was not supposed to fit with the plot, it was just a color that I chose.

    Originally Posted by SkyIsDarkBlue
    Here are a few you could use :

    Pokemon Sweet Dreams & Nightmare versions (How about a sequel? >:3)

    Pokemon Dream Eaters

    Pokemon Legend of Somia (Ripped from RomReaverz's Legend of Fenju Much o.o)

    Pokemon Dream Core Adventures

    That's all I can think of... And also, once you have decided, please notify me! I could do you a few titlescreens (Just the text 'Fire Red' and I could also change the charizard to another pokemon if you want, but I cannot make backgrounds and stuffs cuz I sux at them )
    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll consider them, and I will notify you when I decide (don't know how long that will be). And it would be nice if you could do the text for me! I already know how to insert titlescreens, so I don't think that I'll need help with that, but getting the text to look good is sort of a weakness in my hacking skills


    Other suggestions for the title still welcome, btw. I'll update the first post at the top to say that.