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  • Hey man I really like your dungeon 2 theme for your pokemon daydream version. I was wondering if you could give me the midi for that song.
    Hi there
    Just wanted let you know
    I really like your avatar <3
    Also good to see you back
    In the RH world xP
    Good luck on your hack :)
    Seems like the thread's been dead for quite a while :S If you need any minor help just contact me at [email protected] but don't really count on me being there all the time because I've also lost interest in hacking but since the summer began I've been playing some hacks and trying some AdvanceMap back again and I even think I mapped a route for the hack just for some fun. Anyways feel free to contact me I'm currently not busy, school's not the problem ATM, but a month from now I think I'm going inactive again unfortunately..
    Besides the Charcoal Black and Shimmery White, the Galaxy S5 will arrive with two extra colors at launch ? Electric Blue, and the aforementioned Copper Gold that you can see in the pictures - See More: samsung galaxy S5 unlocked
    I have to balance A levels, social life, a possible girlfriend (woo relationship number 1...i'm such a late bloomer -.-), a band AND a hack. It's probably not gonna work out well. Well, not till the summer at least. :P
    Haha damn that sucks :/ I've basically decided to focus on one thing and since progress is gonna be really slow it'll turn out fine :P
    HAHA ^^ Long time no Rom Hacking . I forgot how to ROM Hack . Still Learning again HAHA . Just some bumping in the head and i will be good again :)
    don't waste your time on dark rising bro, you're hack is definitely going to get more positive criticism than that **** rising :3
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