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    Originally Posted by charlie13 View Post
    I have a holo aerodactyl pre release first edition
    what does pre release mean on it and how much is it worth.

    also i have some first edition commons how much are those worth?
    and uncommon?
    Your Aerodactyl is €4. Prerelease is just a cardrelease before the set comes out. most 1st edition uncommons are €1,- the prices of commons vary because of misprints and what not.. check the site I posted below.

    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    Dunno about this as I'm just curious, but...

    Pikachu - Black & White 115/114, holographic w/ thunderbolt foil pattern down middle, silver star. Nothing incredibly special other than the fully holofoiled front and description.

    Just curious because I saw this card listed as $20 or something on an online store and I happen to have it...if it's not actually rare just tell me a rough estimate I guess. I don't want to waste y'alls time.
    €15,- in mint condition.

    Originally Posted by daveygravey View Post
    I just came across a bunch of my old cards and was hoping for some ballpark numbers. All cards are mint/near mint condition.
    1) Full base set (102)
    2) Full jungle set (64)
    3) Full fossil set (62)

    If you can't price whole sets, could you please let me know what Charizard, Venosaur, and Blastoise from the base set are worth? I assume those are kind of the big three from my sets in terms of value. Thank you very much for helping out.
    Base set: € 450.00 (1st Edition), € 100.00 (Shadowless, unlimited), € 60.00 (unlimited)

    Jungle set: € 90.00 (1st Edition), € 60.00 (unlimited)

    Fossil set: € 90.00 (1st edition), € 60.00 (unlimited)

    Base set January 2010, Jungle and Fossil April 2011, Beckett Pokémon Unofficial Collector.

    Hope this helps :-)

    Originally Posted by andy1991 View Post
    BASE SET, JUNGLE SET, neither are first edition, except the Machamp card is first edition.

    I also have 60/62 FOSSIL SET, none first edition. 2 cards missing are Holographic Dragonite, and none holographic Hypno. Am I best selling these holographics individually and giving away the none holographics?

    Also have holographic Charizard, and holographic Dark Charizard neither are first edition.
    Holographic Dark Gyarados, 8/82, not first edition.
    Holographic Dark Alakazam, 1/82, Non-holographic dark alakazam 26/82., neither first edition

    Are base set twos worth anything? I have a few of them, including base set 2 holographic Nidoqueen.

    Gym Challenge
    28/132 - Lt. Surge's Jolteon
    30/132 - Sabrina's Golduck

    Are there any webpages with up to date guides to save you helping all the time.
    actually, there is. it's a dutch site though...
    addicted to pokemon =D