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    Name:lisa ishimura




    Appearance: dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, long black eyelashes, likes to wear a faded,well loved purple fuzzy vest and skinny jeans along with white flip flops with hawiian flowers decorated on them, tan skin and long nails used for pinching her brother, ryan ishimura.

    Personality:shy around strangers, kind of naive, not afraid of hurting people and sometimes gets a nasty mean streak, usually directed towards people hurting her friends, wants only for the world to be peaceful again, and her dream is to return pokemon to the earth, not just pokespirits.

    History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events?): lisa ishimura grew up with her pessimist brother, ryan ishimura, in the johto region where theres no free kids whatsoever and all pokespirits were enslaved to do the dirty work of battling, cleaning, and more. lisa waited until the last day to tell her friends she was leavin, for fear they would try to stop her. they did not stop her, however, but they wished her a good journey and hoped to see her one day on tv. ryan insisted he follow her for protection even though lisa felt she did not need any.



    loves to have fun, but takes things seriously if they need to be. never argues with lisa unless her thinking is plain insane. usuallysilent unlesssomething needs to be said.
    helping hand
    shadow ball
    double team
    morning sun
    Other:espeon has synchronize,and a lavender body color with a magenta colored orb.

    Opening Post:"aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!" i cried. i had fallen off of ryan's back while he was flying over the ocean! as i fell, i morphed into my espeon form. in form, i have a lavender body and a magenta orb on my head. sploosh! i splashed in the water with a crash. (when i use <>, it means lisa's pokespirit is speaking). "well, it seems i fell off of ryans back while he was flying, obviously. the question is how to get out of this wet situation, because i can't swim!" i struggled to stay afloat when suddenly a blue dot appeared in the distance. "uh, i don't think so...." i replied uneasily. "ok, ok, but i'm getting tired!" i said in frustration. as it got closer, i realized that it was a pokespirit in the form of a lapras. "help!" we cried together. "hello. you seem to be in distress. please hop on my back." i scrambled onto the lapras pokespirit's back fast to get out of the freezing ocean. "allow me to introduce myself. i am anna pentom, but you can call me laprisa. you are? who are you? i haven't seen you around these parts." laprisa said, navigating towards sinnoh. "well, i am lisa ishimura, and i came from the johto region. if you wish, you can call me espii. my old friends from johto called me that." "wow, what a story!" laprisa commented. "well, we be headed to sandgem town. we're about, say, 20 minutes away." and i listened to laprisa tell stories while we headed towards sandgem town, wherever in sinnoh that happened to be, far away from ryan or not.
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