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@Zagan: Pokespirits are intangable. They can't be touched and laugh in the face of physics, passing through all types of matter including solids. This is because they're literally not physically present in the world, but are as the name implied merely spiritual manifestations of a pokemon's soul. So no, a standard human is utterly incapable of so much as tugging at trail left by a pokespirit's escape.

Humans that already wield pokespirits on the other hand are capable of absorbing a pokespirit against it's will. (However, that spirit cannot be released until death, making it a tad permanent.)

I'd like to point out that while only people ages 10-13 can obtain pokespirits, they do not lose their pokespirits upon aging past this. The only reason there are no adult pokespirit wielders (or at least none that people know of) is because of how common death is even among wielders and the fact that pokespirits were only released upon the world relatively recently.

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