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    If Pokemon were real; then stats wouldn't count. You'd have to exercise your Pokemon to have endurance, strength, and agility just like a real creature.
    It'd really depend on the trainer and how they train their Pokemon.
    Another thing that would count would be the size of the Pokemon. A goldfish, no matter how fast and how strong it is, would not be able to take on a crocodile.
    The Pokemon would have limits to their strength and size.

    Anyways; I'd have a Charmeleon.
    Why? Because I love the Charmander line, especially Charmeleon.
    I'd take it to the gym with me to strengthen its muscles, go running with it so that it can have more endurance, and I'd throw rocks or targets in the air so that Charmeleon can practice its aim with Flamethrower. When it eventually evolves; then I'd add flying to the training list.

    After that, then I'd go on some cliche montage that would have it meditating in rain so that it can resist water attacks.
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