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    Originally Posted by thanethane98 View Post
    Thanks! This means that I can finally be finished with the Professor's lab in my hack (and the starter town altogether).

    Also, I think that by "red sprite", he meant the version of may used in Ruby, not the actual Red from Firered/Leafgreen.
    Oh! *facepalm*

    Sorry for that here's May and Brendan's sprite from Ruby...

    It's Indexed and ready to insert...

    Originally Posted by Flannery Lue View Post
    I'm starting to feel like I am becoming a nuisance...

    I cant really use XSE for anything other than writing the scripts. For some reason, the programme does not have a command database, and I don't know how to go about doing that. Here is a screen shot to show you what i mean:

    Attachment 65731

    And I "tested" the script after you told me what to do, and when I talk to the gym leader, a multi choice box comes up with the options "yes/no/info"
    If I click yes, I get a message stating: "Hiker Sawer was registered in the PokeNav!" along with the corresponding music.

    If I click no, nothing happens. If I click Info, I get an infinite amount of text come up in a text box, then the whole screen freezes, and turns "static" blue and white.

    How do I "Restore" the command database? I would be really grateful if you could help me with this.
    ....I'm sorry for being such a newby.. but I have to start somewere.
    Huh? Mine works properly are you sure you downloaded XSE right? Download the latest one here And did you load the Rom b4 compiling it in XSE?

    And also If u used XSE doesn't works for you, what did you used to compile the script? Olol