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    Total opened his eyes, he was not in the same place he was, as he sat up, he looked around – he was not in Celestic Town either. He reached up and removed the hood of the cape he had stole before leaving his home before scratching his head, as he looked around, he seemed to be in a forestry area, before he had the chance to ask himself about what had gone on, a voice broke through his subconscious, it sounded very old and more than a little wise.

    You are safe. You are currently in Eterna Forrest – there is no need to panic Total.

    Eterna Forrest? So I wasn’t dreaming? Who, who are you?

    Correct, I am a poke spirit. Many years ago when there were pokemon in the world, I was a dusknoir, well I still am, just in a less tangible form; my trainer named me Dusk – when you were looking at the crystal stone in Mt Coronet –

    WHAT? So that wasn’t a hallucination? Dusk? Nice to meet you, my name is Ray, but prefer to be called Total

    No, out of all the spirits it felt that I had the strongest bond with you, and so by the power of the great Arceus I was granted permission to fuse with you, but as you were near death, my first priority to get some nourishment.

    You found some food? Where – tell me, please where did you ... is this BLOOD on my hands?

    No – not food, as a wielder of my spirit you are able to absorb the essence of others to take nourishment, and in a world where food is scarce – I had to do what I could to help you –

    You KILLED someone? A kid – an innocent –

    Yes. No – I killed an adult, as they are not innocent, it was the adults who came before many a year ago who plunged the world into this mess, and as the stone says, you are to bring justice to this world, however you see fit. I will always be by your side whatever you choose.

    Mr Dusk, just two more questions: Firstly – what would be the best move to make at this time? Secondly, what else happens apart from your being able to speak to me like this?

    No need for the Mr, Total – I would suggest moving from here, perhaps try and find some other children who also have spirits with them. And you can take on part of my form, you will have access to six abilities to fight with, but even in your current form, you have some ghost qualities about you, you are able to mask yourself to others sight as well as no longer having a need for doors, and lastly you have an substantial increase to your physical strength, but continued use of these powers will tire you quickly to begin with, to take my form, all you need do is ask me in your mind, and I will take care of the rest. For now, head to where the poke spirit wielders dwell.

    Total got up, his cape blowing gently in the faint wind, as he looked at it, he saw that it had changed colour, it was now pure black with yellow markings on each side, the outside, the side that others would see from the rear had yellow markings that looked like a smiling face, while the inside had more yellow markings, but made out to look like an angry face, he shook his head as he stood up, pulling the hood over his face, obscuring as much of his face as possible, and set off, he had heard that a lot of kids had taken over Hearthome City and renamed it Child’s City, so that would be his first stop...

    As Total stood up, he realized that he did indeed feel stronger, and fuller - then he had ever been in his short life. After a short inventory check he noticed the play cape that he had stole had changed appearance.

    Dusk? Did you have something to do with my cape changing colours?

    Yes Total, The cape will change when you want to take on my form, but for now - just travel as a normal kid, we are approaching Eterna City, the sooner we get through that place the better.

    Yes, I agree - you mentioned that I could hide myself from sight Dusk, do I need your form for that?

    No, you dont need to take my form for that, when we get to the gates, hide in the plant life and I will tell you what to do then.

    With a firm plan in mind, Total emerges from Eterna Forrest and towards the western gates of Eterna City.
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