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I enjoy Joshiraku, but whenever they reference something that's outside of Japan, or has to do with social classes, it ticks me off, as it reminds me of how prejudicial and ignorant the Japanese seem to be about anything outside of their own bubble.

Well, this is the case in a lot of anime. Especially when they have things that they take for granted but just don't make sense. Like how they expect everything to be as strict and structured as can be (especially in school and at work. Respect your authority and your senpais without questioning! What are you, a delinquent?), or the infamous Japanese cold (which you get if you take off your shirt for five seconds, or sleep anywhere but in your bed).

I'm just basically starting to dislike their culture more and more.

Actually, I shouldn't be saying this. The mainstream media here in the west is stupid as hell, too.