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Among the Trees...

Yes, finally...there is a place for you to express your Treecko fandom! Isn't it wonderful? Here, just talk about anything related to the three Pokémon! Did you find a new Grovyle plushie? Talk about it here! Did you find an episode concerning them that you particularly liked (or didn't like)? Talk about them here! Anything Treecko, Grovyle, or Sceptile related is a prime topic for this club.


❀ All PC and PoC rules apply. All of them.
❀ Just have fun! Don't be afraid to post - if you make a mistake, it's not a big deal! We love you.
❀ As this is becoming a problem lately, please try to answer the topic and then discuss it somewhat (eg reply to other's answers and ask why, etc) before making a new topic. Discuss as much as you can, though! Love y'all!
❀ On a similar note, please stay active! Try to at least keep this club alive, if you can't commit to posting here once a day. Grovyle appreciates your cooperation.
❀ Also, most importantly, LOVE TREECKO AND CO!!! SHOW THE LOVE YEAH


(it's totally optional, just go post lol)
Hey there! Hi!
Are ya gonna spread the love? Yeah!
Who ya wanna be? Grovyle, duh

Club Members!

❀ AWSquared
❀ Cosmotone8
❀ danaxe
❀ droomph
❀ heretostay123
❀ lasttfarewell
❀ MegaSceptile1
❀ Olli97
❀ rainerman3
❀ ShadowTheDarkrai
❀ TheLeetCasualGamer


What are your favorite moments in the fandom involving a Treecko, Grovyle, or Sceptile?

Do you use them a lot in battle? How? What's a favorite strategy, if there is or was any?

How is Grovyle's and Sceptile's (originally) signature move, Leaf Blade, to you? Does it appeal to you? Do you use it a lot, or do you think it just looks cool? Or both? Tell me what you think!

What kinds of "moments" would you have rather seen more of involving the Treecko family? (eg comedic, badass, emotional)

Club News


❀ None yet! But hopefully soon.


I made the CSS version!

Other stuff

❀ Draw a cool picture (or other media) with Treecko, Grovyle, or Sceptile (and, if you want, other forest Pokémon, related Pokémon, etc.) as the subject and we'll consider it for the club picture/gallery! Sort of a contest, but it goes on until this thread is closed (like, never pshhh)

CSS based off of Krazzik's Water-Type club!
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