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Hey there! Hey there, what's up? :D I'm guessing you want to know everything about me, so I'll start from when I was bor- Oh, well I can shorten it down and tell you that my username is Olli97 then, though you probably already know that :/
Are ya gonna spread the love? I don't have much love to spread, but I guess I'll try :(
Who ya wanna be? Treecko!

What are your favorite moments in the fandom involving a Treecko, Grovyle, or Sceptile?

Hard to say, most moments outside of the anime would have to come from your own experiences, and the Treecko line was never my favourite one to use, actually, mostly I just like their designs :p I haven't seen much of the anime including either, so I guess my favourite moment with it would either be the episode Treecko was introduced, where it did everything it could to save their tree, all alone, only getting a bit of help from Ash, which shows that even though it's a loner, it's still very loyal. The part in the Sinnoh league where Sceptile beat Darkrai was also pretty good though, so it's kind of a run between those two.
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