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so then you go up to them with victini and tel them that theyre battling skills are great but their aiming isnt so great so you tell them to make their pokemon try to aim on rocks to break them. you demonstrate with victini with a powerful incinerate. you blast the top of the rock off.

so tate and liza start to train on the rocks. solrock uses rock throw and lunatone uses psybeam. lunatone hits. but not very good. he knocks out a chunk of the rock on the side.

you say "well your power is incredibly strong but your aim still needs a little work."

but solrock misses by a couple inches. so after a million hours of training with tate and liza, you decide theyre ready for another battle.

tate: "solrock use ember!" it knocks lunatone spinning. but he gets it together.
liza: "lunatone use psybeam!!" its hits solrock directly in the middle. solrock is pretty damaged. but tate uses...

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