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    Okay. This is going to be my sister's first tournament. She's 10 and I'm assuming to the Junior division? (she's never played at league OR tourneys) Anyway... Since in our area, the juniors like to use special energy and they run weird decks like tornadus/emboar, and stuff like that. So, I'm making a deck that fits in with the rest, AND counters pretty much all of the juniors in san diego. So, here are the cards I'm trying to put together right now.


    3-3 Zebstrika (Cant find my blitzle!!!
    4 Zekrom
    2 Tornadus-EX
    3-2-2 Reuniclus (wha?)
    2 Aerodactyl (.-.)


    4-4 Hammers
    4 Tool Scrapper
    4 Level Ball
    4 Comms
    2 Switch
    3 Candy
    3 Random Receiver
    2 +Power
    ? Max Potion
    ? Exp Share?
    ? SuperScoopUp
    3/4 Cheren
    3 N
    1 Bianca
    (no juniper?)
    ? Cilan (cant find it!!!)
    3? Old Amber
    2 Skyarrow Bridge
    3 Twist Mountain

    11 Lightning
    4 DCE

    The first thing you may notice about this deck is: WHY DON'T YOU RUN EELEKTRIK???? 1. I traded them away, and 2. This is NOT ZEELS. This deck is built around Disconnect and Hammertime.

    Why Reuniclus? I use that because the Pokémon I have in this deck have pretty low HP, and most of them can be OHKO'd by darkrais etc. But, guess how many darkrais the juniors have? NONE. So, unless they're running something like zekeels or reshiboar, you're in pretty good shape.

    Main Strategy:

    Setup zebra's by turn two with level ball. Lock their trainers and setup everyone else. Reuniclus should be a priority, next comes tornadus and zekrom. (You could try and Donk w/ tornadus because of all 5 stadiums.) Aerodactyl's in there because 1. Zebstrika does SO little damage, that he'll need it AND +power. Zekrom is there because I have reuniclus, so why not put in Zekrom. Outrage. Period.

    I dont run juniper in this deck because... well... its actually pretty funny. I only own four, and they're all in my hydreigon darkrai deck lol.
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