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    Name: Forrest Top
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has slender form, about 110 pounds and 5'6. He has long, brown hair the color of tree bark. He always wears a dark green long sleeved shirt with dark blue jeans. He has next to no upper body strength, but his leg muscles are powerful from his climbing trees and other such things. His eyes are a deep green. He always wears a pendant with a tall tree on it.
    Personality: He's a shady young man. He never talks unless he's spoken to, and he avoids conflict whenever possible. He can run twice as fast as a normal person, and climbs like a pro. He's really smart, but people think he's as dumb as a log due to the fact he doesn't talk much. He's an outcast type of person.
    History: He never really knew his parents, but he grew up in Fortree City, where the tree climbing was great. He lived with his grandfather who taught him the meaning of being reserved. He also taught him to never give up your dreams, and keep fighting for everything you believe in. He took these words to heart, and trained in the forest to follow his dream of being a ninja-like pokemon trainer. At the age of seven, he was already climbing trees swiftly and progressing in skill level. He finally reached the point of leaping from tree branch to tree branch. This pleased his grandfather greatly, and he gave him something: a pendant with a tree on it, so that he might never forget where he came from and what he accomplished. He lived with his grandfather until the age of fourteen, where he passed away. Forrest cried for days and days, but finally pulled himself together. A week later he turned fifteen, and he decided to set out on a journey.
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