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    Not for a while I'm afraid. @ZekRes

    I'm looking for some real help, no time wasters and any of the sort if you would like to be part of a HUGE project, get in touch, if you can do anything, let me know, show me your work, show me anything, I'm open to idea's, one thing I request is commitment.

    After you have been with the team for a short while I will let you more into the plans, until then, you will be on standby for requests from myself and other members, this is to weed out all the spies, thieves, and any other little punks that just want to know ideas and run them into their own game.

    You can already see this team can do in the OP.

    If you want to help, fill this out real quick and easy, then post here or PM, either doesn't bother me.

    Originally Posted by Application Form
    What can you do?
    What would you prefer to do?
    Time zone:
    Links to/attachments of, work by yourself:
    I'm not really looking for mappers because I have my own style, but if you can follow clear instructions for mapping, then I'll be happy to take you on... I'm not even asking any of you to do all the work, believe me, like 90% of the work will be done by myself and the other members of my team already, you will just be joining the team as an equal, I listen to other peoples ideas too... The missing 10% is what we cannot do, If I'm mapping, other members are Scripting, who is Spriting? And you get the idea where that would've been going.

    Any questions, just ask... I'll try my best to answer all of them... I'm receiving a high interest in this already, so I haven't had time to reply to most people yet, which is the cause for this post, so sorry to those I haven't yet, but I'm looking for anyone with experiences already, I don't have time to teach you the basics, neither does my team.