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    This is the OOC Thread, if you're looking for the IC Thread, it can be found here.


    An RP By: Mr. Mammoth
    Rated [T] for Teen


    You all know it well, don’t you? That not-so-well-off region to the west of Johto? That’s the one. Orre is of course, not the ideal place to live. Why you ask? Well, haven’t you listened to the news for the past… Arceus knows how many years? The crime-rates are high; the people poor, the amount of jobs low, the education poor in most parts and the wild Pokémon are close to non-existent. Doesn’t that sound welcoming? Thought so. Other regions have always wondered how this place survives, but no one honestly knows. Some say that legendary Pokémon preserves it for some reason. Others say something about underground lakes or something like that. However the myth that most people believe is the one about the legendary Pokémon. So on a faithful day, many science-teams from other regions went there to investigate. But as you may have guessed, no real progress was made. Many years passed until the scientists gave up. So why am I telling you all of this? Because it’s a vital part of the history regarding our region’s growth! So sit down and listen, youngster. And no, you may not have a toilet-break, at least not until I’m done. Oh, now don’t give me that look! If I’ve endured the flaming fangs of a Charizard going into my shoulder, you can at least endure your bladder getting filled up!

    Now where was I? Oh yeah! A few nights after the scientists left, a strange glow started to develop in the middle of Orre’s vast and unforgiving desert. People started to get perplexed by it, frightened by it, aggravated by it. There were many opinions about this strange development, but there was one thing everyone agreed on. Which one, you ask? Pssh, I can’t believe I get to explain this to someone as thick as yourself! Sigh… But I guess that’s why you need the education. Anyways, everyone in the Orre region agreed on one thing, that the scientists were responsible for this. Think about it, this light had never been sighted before, but then the scientists from another region came and suddenly it was there. The people demanded answers, but unfortunately, no one could give them what they asked for. Everyone in Orre became either outraged or scared s***-less, the point being that a chaos now began to spread across the region.

    What caused even more chaos was the fact that the light attracted the authorities from all of the other regions. People from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova now traveled to Orre in order to study this unusual phenomenon. Now the strange thing was that the light seemed to grow brighter and wider as more and more people gathered in the region. All of these people observed the light, but again, nothing happened. Not for a few nights at least.

    It was cold and dark night, like it usually was in Orre’s desert. People started to grow tired of watching the light. But then, when they thought that their span of attention had left the light, a small flower shot up where the light was. It was a very beautiful flower, its stalk and leaves were lime-green and its petals were flare-red. Soon after it, another flower shot up. This one did not have the same beauty as the previous one, but it was still a sight to behold. Then, another flower shot up. Followed by another one. And another one. And another- What? You want me to get on with it? Psh, kids these days. You’re just like pythons, you have absolutely zero patience. Anyway, all of the people soon found themselves standing in a field of flowers that just kept on growing throughout the desert. Everyone was amazed to say the least, and soon other things took a turn for the better. Some people living in The Under of Pyrite Town had suddenly found an array of valuable ores and gemstones. Soon the mining-mogul Clay of Unova saw the possibilities and bought the whole Under. It didn’t cost him much, but it was enough for the people of Pyrite to earn some money. His mining business moved there and gave many people new and well-paid jobs.

    Oh yeah, I found this note here that says “In the password-section, put three letters of your choice. They can be in any combination of big or small, and they have to be followed by three numbers of your choice. Oh, the letters and numbers can’t be the same as any other RPers, so keep that in mind.” Any idea what it means? No? Well then, let’s carry on.

    During the next ten years, Orre’s economy skyrocketed. Well, in reality it stabilized, but to the people living in the region it skyrocketed. New jobs became available and new towns were built in the lush forests and meadows that once were a desert. And of course, with a new flora also came a new fauna. A lot of Bird-Pokémon started to rest in Orre during their seasons of migration, and some chose to stay for good. With Pokémon actually beginning to appear, the marketing business for PokéBalls also went up. But it seemed like no Pokémon besides certain Flying-types moved into the region… So what did the government do? Well, they sent money to breeders all around the world with orders for them to breed as many species of Pokémon as possible to deliver to Orre. Since everybody likes money, almost all of the breeders started to get to work and soon many species of Pokémon from different regions were shipped into Orre. Due to this, the once vast region now became filled with maybe the most diverse set of Pokémon ever to be laid eyes upon.

    Now why am I telling you all of this? Well, you are supposed to travel here for quite some time now, so I thought that I should tell you about our history. Ya’ little whippersnapper. Oh, I almost forgot. Here's your map, it may come in handy you know.


    So, this seems fun and all right? You’re one of the many young and budding Trainers who wants to try their luck in the improved Orre region. So why not have a go at it? Orre now has a Pokémon League and eight Gyms to conquer! Interesting right? However, there may be even more in the bag for you than just that. Y’see, shady individuals have been appearing here and there, but nobody knows what they’re up to. So actually, you have a choice. Do you want to conquer the fairly new League and Gyms, or do you want to gain knowledge of these shady individuals? I’m even gonna’ be so nice that I’ll let you do both if you so wish!

    But first, there are of course some rules:

    I am the GM here. That means that my word is absolute law here, can’t stress this enough.

    Follow regular PC-Rules, okay?

    This RP is rated T for Teen, so try to keep it at that please? Romance is allowed as I’m quite the romantic person myself hehehe. Okay, enough jokes. Romance is allowed, but nothing past kissing.

    Be nice to other players. If this is going to work, I need you guys to be a friendly bunch to each other (Not that I have any distrust for the friendliness level of the people RPing here).

    If you however would strike a problem with your fellow RPer, come to me and I’ll sort it out to the best of my ability for you.

    No Godmodding whatsoever. I mean come on, that stuff isn’t fun for anyone, not even for yourself. And if you think that it’s fun to godmod, then you’re just fooling yourself. Bunnying is allowed, IF, that character’s player or I say it’s okay to do so.

    If you're going to be away for a longer time, please inform me of so first. If you do not post in one week, I'll give you a warning, another warning and you will be dropped from the RP.

    And now for some side notes:

    As the times changed, the Double-Battle standard in Orre did not. So, all battles in this RP will be Double-Battles unless you’re fighting wild Pokémon or I state otherwise.

    The changes to Orre has only happened during the past twenty years, however, this RP takes place a fair amount of time after Colosseum and XD.

    The catch-rate of Pokémon will be determined by dice. Pokémon labeled as ‘Common’ will have a catch-rate of 5/6; ‘Uncommon’ will have 4/6 and so on.

    I will tell you if your Pokémon levels up or is able to learn a new move.

    Reservations lasts for 48 hours.


    Now for the Sign Up:

    Name:(I will ask for this, but not for your quest)

    Age: (Anywhere from 16 to 20)

    Sex: (Male, Female or Canadian)

    Appearance: (What does your character look like? A picture may be provided, if not, then I’d like a good paragraph please.)

    Personality: (How does your character act? At least one paragraph.)

    History: (What’s your character’s story so far? What did they do until they decided to travel to Orre? At least two good paragraphs.)


    Starter Pokémon: (Which one do you want? There are six to choose from, each with a move they normally shouldn’t know)

    Lv: 10
    Moves: Absorb | Poisonpowder | Mud Bomb

    Lv: 10
    Moves: Ember | Rock Throw | Electroweb

    Lv: 10
    Moves: Bite | Leer | Flame Charge

    Lv: 10
    Moves: Tackle | Spark | Leech Seed

    Lv: 10
    Moves: Gust | Astonish | Bubblebeam

    Lv: 10
    Moves: Confusion | Disable | Signal Beam
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