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    Name: Dante Powers

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Dante has shoulder length brown hair, he keeps it kind of messy and it sometimes gets in his eyes. He sometimes tucks his hair behind his ears or rarely ties it up. He has very bright green eyes which he inherited from his mother. He wears long black pants and a blue zip-front jacket with hood usually. under the jacket he has a plain white t shirt. He wears an old pair of white sneakers. His mother tries to make him wear a newer, cleaner pair, but he resits this because "my old shoes are comfy" Unusally tall for his age, Dante stands at an almost perfect 6 foot tall. Dante is somewhat thin, but not athletic. Unlike his parents, who both wear glasses, he has perfect 20/20 vision, which is among his most prize possessions.

    Personality: Somewhat impulsive and over confident at times, though usually laid back. His impulsive nature gets him in trouble at times, he is prone to pick fights with people when they upset him. He has a younger sister named Sara, who is 13. The two generally get along, although like most siblings, they fight at times. He is very protective of his sister, he would often fight people on the playground at school who made fun of her or bullied her. Despite his seemingly violent persona, he is a kind person, who enjoys being around pokemon, he wanted to go on a pokemon journey, but his parents would not allow it, insisting he stay in school. He got in trouble once at the age of 8, when he was playing outside, he found a kakuna attached to a tree near their house, and began to talk to it. He decided to bring it back home with him, but his parents made him immedialty return it "because they don't want a beedrill hatching in the house". For the most part though, he has a good relationship with his parents. He would often help his dad work on his shelter and would help his mom make dinner. He became something of a cook from helping his mother in the kitchen, and enjoys preparing food. Dante enjoys relaxing at his house and listening to music, surfing the internet, watching tv. His favorite physical activity is ping pong, he actually helped start the ping pong club at his school. He has never been a big fan of reading though, and often puts off required reading until the last minute. prior to the catastrophe, he was your average, if somewhat impulsive, slacker teenager.

    Backstory: Dante's family lived in viridian city, his dad was a carpenter and his mom was a lab tech. Prior to the catastrophe, his father was seen as "odd". His father built a panic shelter under the back yard. His father believed this would keep the family safe from "riots caused by political collapse". His father turned out to be somewhat right though, neighbors that once laughed at him for his doomsday shelter hurried inside as neighboring building and houses collapsed. The generators did not last long,and soon the people were surrounded by darkness, until one of the neighbors pulled out a pokeball. She released her cyndaquil, whose back flames illuminated the shelter, and kept everyone warm.

    Dante decided he wanted a fire pokemon that very evening. After the earth stopped shaking, Dante and the others in the shelter emerged to see viridan in ruin, Dante's mother cried, having seen her childhood home reduced to rubble. The survivors had heard word over the radio in the shelter that pallet town was relatively unscathed by the catastrophe. As they were leaving, Dante saw a pidgey lying next to what was once a restaurant. the bird was screaming out in pain, pinned under a rock. Dante couldn't bear to let the poor bird die in what was now a dead town, so he picked it up and carried it with him, in the hopes he could have it healed in pallet town.

    Upon arriving in pallet town, he set out, asking everyone he could find for help for the pidgey. He eventually saw an older man with a white lab coat, approaching him, he said "Hey, is their anyone in town who can help this pidgey, he was caught under a rock in viridan and is hurt bad.". The old man ushered him into one of the building, spoke to one of the nurse's frantically rushing around trying to treat everyone, and the nurse took the pidgey and walked off with it. "There not gonna put it down are they?" said Dante? "No, the nurse said he just looked like he needs a splint for his wing, and some pain medication, I'd wager he'll be flying again within a couple months" said the old man. "Pardon my manners, my name is Professor Oak" said the old man. "Can we speak privately?" said Oak. "Sure" said Dante. The two walked into an office in the building "Dante, i was moved by way you carried that pidgey all the way here, it wouldn't have lived had it been left in Viridian. I see potential in you as a pokemon trainer, i have only 1 starter left with me at the moment, are you interested?" Dante couldn't believe what he was hearing. ""Which one do you have left?" Dante asked, "Charmander", Oak replied. Dante's eyes lit up, "I'm very interested". Oak handed Dante the pokeball containing charmander, along with 15 pokeballs, and a pokedex. Dante shook the porfessors hand and was off...
    Which Professor gave you your Starter Pokémon? : Oak
    Which was your starter Pokémon?: Charmander