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    Okay hi everyone! First off, thanks for the picture AlexOzzyCake, I'll see if i can use it, oh and Olli97, as you are the first to apply for Zapdos, you are the 'Leader' and are instantly put in Team Lugia (But you stay in Zapdos as well, it's really a sort of list to show who the Leaders are) and AlexOzzyCake, your the Co-Leader of Zapdos, so say if anyone is breaking the rules, or someone would like to become member of the Team, you both decide what to do (So you can ask the other members what they think or just discuss it via PM or whatever else you think you need to do.). Finally, we have an opening for Co-Owner who will take over if I am offline (Which I will post on the board beforehand) so PM me if your interested by answering the following questions:

    If you could add a new rule, what would it be and why?
    If someone breaks a rule or abuses someone else on the board, how would you deal with it?
    Why should I pick YOU to be Co-Owner?

    White 2: