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    Name: Marcus Jones Hayden

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Godly Parent: Hades

    Appearance: Marcus is 6'1" and very muscular--his arms, legs, abs, pecs, everything is well toned and powerful. He keeps his black hair shaved very tight and short, and maintains a bit of stubble on his face. His skin is olive in tone, and blemish-free. Marcus prefers to wear dark clothing. His usual attire is a black hoodie with its sleeves torn off, a black pair of jeans, and a white pair of sneakers. He wears a silver skull belt buckle.

    Weapon: Stygian Iron Cestus (2), Shadow Travel (Can blend in and travel through shadows), Necromancy (Can communicate with the dead and raise a fallen enemy to fight for him)

    Personality: Generally very quiet and reclusive, Marcus keeps to himself, and keeps his head down. He tends to be bitter and pessimistic. He has ADHD and Dyslexia. Marcus is easily angered, and will readily resort to violence to get his point across. He has an appreciation for art and music, and tends to lose himself in the latter. He can seem quite distant from others, but he can be charming and even sweet at times--though not often.

    History: Markus was born of his then-prostitute and drug addled mother (whose link was an Umbreon) in Vermont, and had no knowledge of who his father was. She raised him alone, and often had to leave him with a friend while she worked. The boy grew up angry and bitter, because of his missing father, and the trade that his mother was in. When Markus was age 9, his mother quit the life of prostitution, and became a janitor at the local library. She also kicked her drug habit; she wanted to be a better mother for Markus, but she also believed she was having bad trips when she saw great, one eyed monsters, and all sorts of horrors. The truth of that matter was that she had the ability to see through the mist, and she was *actually* seeing monsters, though neither she or Markus would realize it. Markus was constantly in trouble at school, and was transferred to several different ones after being expelled multiple times--usually, due to fights at school.

    Markus was burglarizing homes, vandalizing property, and shoplifting, though rarely got caught, and when he did, managed to get away. When he was 14, he was scarred for life when he came home to see his mother being killed by a Harpy who had disguised itself as one of her clients. When it turned to Markus, the entire city shook, the shockwaves centered on Markus' apartment. The floor split open, and a hulking, ghastly figure emerged from the ground, darkening the entire room with its presence. With a menacing sword forged from some dark, evil metal, the figure effortlessly cleaved the Harpy in two. Markus was immobilized by fear, especially when the figure spoke to him in a deep, thundering voice.

    "MAAAAARKUSSSSS. DOOO NOT SPEAK. OPEN YOUR EARS, AND YOUR MIND. I AM HADES, LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD, KING OF THE DEAD--AND YOU WERE BORN OF MY SEED, FOURTEEN YEARS AGO. I WAS NOT SOON ENOUGH TO SAVE YOUR MOTHER, BUT YOU YET REMAIN--FOR A PURPOSE. A WAR IS UPON US." So explained Hades to Markus of his heritage, his gifts, and his future. As quickly as he had come, Hades departed, returning to the Underworld, but not before bestowing unto Markus a pair of Cesti, forged of Stygian iron. The apartment complex shortly thereafter crumbled, killing all within. It was believed that Markus, too, was among the victims of this swift and terrible earthquake--but he and his Pokemon had left before the collapse.

    Markus spent the next four years of his life training at Camp Half-Blood with his link, Brutus, honing their skills for the battles to come.

    Pokemon Link Species: Golurk
    Pokemon Link Name: Brutus
    Pokemon Link Gender: Male
    Pokemon Link Personality: Above all, Brutus is protective. At the slightest whiff of danger to his master, this Golurk will strike to kill. He cares deeply for Markus, but little for anyone else--he will protect the other demigods, but his master comes first and foremost.
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