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It's best not to edit earlier posts, because people aren't likely to notice. It's especially pointless if you make a new post anyway, because you can/should just put your new question in your new post instead.

Anyway, that include? business looks wrong. Replace every instance of this:

moveIDs =
moveIDs << attacker.moves[0].id
moveIDs << attacker.moves[1].id
moveIDs << attacker.moves[2].id
moveIDs << attacker.moves[3].id
if (moveIDs.include? 561&&564&&576&&591)
  multiplier = 2
...with this:

multiplier=2 if pbHasMove?(attacker,:TACKLE) &&
                pbHasMove?(attacker,:SANDATTACK) &&
                pbHasMove?(attacker,:TAILWHIP) &&
Simpler, more readable, and it works.

I swear I've answered this question before, many months ago. The same misuse of include?, the multiple moves with the same problem, everything.
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