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    "WooooooHOOOOOO!" Geoff cried out triumphantly. "SluuuuuugMAAAAAAA!" Scarlett mimicked, punctuating her call with a skyward gout of flame. Grinning ear to ear, Geoff clipped the filled pokeball to his belt, and continued on towards the other end of Route 101. They trudged through some tall grass, and a flock of Pidgey scattered, taking flight. Something caught Geoff's eye as he admired the bird Pokemon--a little purple glimmer. He turned right, past a tree stump, and a perfectly good Potion was just laying in the dirt. "Huh! That's weird. But it has a darn good application right now..."

    Geoff released his newly captured Poochyena, who immediately ran to Geoff and gave him a good nip on the shin. "OW! Hahaha, naughty little guy, aren't you?" The Poochyena whined a bit, as its mouth was still burning. "Still hurting, isn't it? Well, guess that teaches you to go biting a Fire Pokemon. Open your mouth, please." The Poochyena shot Geoff a look, but complied, opening its burnt mouth. With a light squeeze, Geoff applied the potion to his new Pokemon. "I think I'll call you Bandit." Geoff said with a chuckle.

    Bandit coughed and sneezed when sprayed in the mouth with the Potion. Geoff chuckled and gave him a good scratch behind the ears. "We'll get that burn treated when we get to the next town." The trainer, with his two Pokemon in tow, continued along Route 101.
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