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    Alright.One sec.I'll get right on it.

    Here it is. What do you think?

    NameI will ask for this, but not for your quest)Damian Lewis

    Age: (Anywhere from 16 to 20)17

    Sex: (Male, Female or Canadian)Male

    Appearance: (What does your character look like? A picture may be provided, if not, then I’d like a good paragraph please.)

    Personality: (How does your character act? At least one paragraph.)Damian is a pretty serious guy. He talks a lot about honor and other such things, but he loves to relax, and is very layed back most of the time. He loves a good fight, but won't start one. He's generally really nice, but can be a bit harsh when he believes people are getting in over their heads. He is a bit of a ladies' man and is a flirtatious guy. He is majorly protective over his friends and family.

    History: (What’s your character’s story so far? What did they do until they decided to travel to Orre? At least two good paragraphs.) Damian grew up in Lavaridge Town as a child. His skin became dark at an early age due to the constant heat and the lava atop Mount Pyre. He was brought up in a wealthy family who owned the hot springs, so he had no shortage of money. His mother, however, was pushed into the volcano when he was around seven. Ever since then, he has had a strong fear of fire.

    At age eleven, he had his first encounter with a Pokemon, a Wingull brought to Lavaridge by a man by the name of Mr. Briney. He loved it, and hence forth decided that water type pokemon were the thing for him. After a few years of adventuring in the Mirage Desert (under the supervision of his father and a personal bodyguard), he chose to ask his father for money to go to Slateport City. He reluctantly agreed, and gave his son enough money to feed a small country that would never receive it. When he arrived, he heard news of the Orre region and decided to journey there. There were bound to be brand new water pokemon!

    Password: dbt72

    Starter Pokémon: (Which one do you want? There are six to choose from, each with a move they normally shouldn’t know): Carvanaha

    Sorry about the oversized picture. It just popped up like that. :p
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