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    Finished Mammoth! Hope it's worthy of AWESOME.

    Name: Chris Mare

    Age: 17

    Sex: Female (Maybe... I think she's actually Canadian...)


    "If a little dirt is all that stands between me and this door, I will roll in the mud in order to get out of here!

    Average height, average weight, semi-average chest. You'd look at Chris and notice those things first. You'd also notice the dirt on her tanned skin, the fact that her nails are so short they barely count, and possibly that she's busy kneeling on the ground most of the time. That's Chris, Berry worker extraordinaire, smelling like flowers with mulch dotting her fingertips! She has this really, really bright red hair. It's almost like... a stop sign, it's so bright. It's also been whacked at haphazardly with scissors, so it's so uneven and jagged the locks are probably growing incorrectly. Chris has eyes so blue they're almost purple, wide and bright on her slightly angular face.

    She loves cool colors like blues and purples too, so of course she has them everywhere, even around her neck in a tattoo of a necklace. Yes it hurt. She dealt with it. Her shirt is a blue short-sleeve covered by a pale purple vest. Oddly enough, Chris has grey pants on and mostly white sneakers. You'd think she was concerned by dirt. Not her! She's got too much work to do to care! Besides her bag is always clean.


    "I will not stand for this!" *sits down* "I will fight for what I believe in, no matter how stupidly I have to do it!"

    Cheers~ Chris ain't given up the goose! She's the happiest bugger and the sly fox too. Don't doubt her instincts, cause they ain't wrong yet! Will she charge in first? Most likely. Will she fall onto her butt? ABSOLUTELY. But that's part of the fun. Wisecracker she is, Chris just gets back up after a fall like that anyway. By the outward side of things, nothing can or will get her down. Hard work is her standby and dreaming is her pasttime. This tends to make her drag others with her, particularly if they're useful. She's stupid enough to keep going and smart enough to drag others with her.

    Surprisingly, Chris has common sense... sometimes. At least when it comes to keeping things alive. She's good at botany and medicine-making. Unfortunately she's not good at using it for nice things. She's used to using it for money! Money YESSS. Money makes the world go round a lot of the time, like plants. Because that TOTALLY makes sense. She's a bit of a grubber in this regard, having grown up in a flower shop. That doesn't mean that's all that' on her mind though. Men are on her mind! Sometimes. Helping people smile is on her mind all the time. Make people smile and steal their dough! Sounds like a plan to me!

    Having grown up around Pokemon, she's learned how to take the hands-on oo-lemme-see approach. She'd rather figure them out than be told what to do. She's prideful and stubborn like that. Having not won or lost much, she's not particularly concerned over things like that. Meet Chris! Good luck with her!


    Chris was born in Rustboro, or to be specific, that little route outside Rustboro with the flower shop and Petalburg Forest looming not too far off. So, to be honest, she was born outside of anything interesting. GOD DARN HER LIFE. Unfortunately, Chris was magically unaware of this implication, and proceeded to run around the area like it was the backyard of awesome according to Arceus. The trainers who stopped there were frequently horribly confused, especially since she once demanded a toll fee.

    Deciding to attempt to put this heath hazard down right now, her mother promptly sat her down and began to teach her about the soothing aroma of flowers. Well, it didn't exactly soothe her, but it did give her something to do, especially since there was so much you could do with flowers and leaves and berries... and just plants in general. It focused all of her energy... and Chris did eventually stop bugging trainers and people... at least until she met a Taillow at the age of nine.

    That meeting was fun! She chased it all the way through Rustboro until a Nincada on the next route occupied its attention and she caught it! Without a Pokeball, so of course it flew away. Sad... However! It did interest her in Pokemon and convinced Chris to attempt the Pokemon Trainer's School.

    Unlike her love of plants and biology, this one didn't last long. Chris just could not stay at a desk for very long. It was like asking Darkrai not to spread nightmares. It just didn't work. So she just went to skipping school and wandering the routes and befriending wild Pokemon. What? Doesn't everyone do that? It's so much fun!

    But anyway, she pretty much spent the last few years of her life (until now) working at home. Sometimes they got new seeds and such and that would lock Chris upstairs in her room for hours. She would have Apricorns and Berries littered everywhere, just to see what she could combine. This... kind of annoyed her father. Chris needed friends. So he dragged her to Slateport and threw her on a boat to Orre, claiming she needed to do something normal for a change. Chris still isn't sure what's going on.

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