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    Originally Posted by P-Sign View Post
    I see, though you don't have to play N everytime you have one in your hand. Playing conservative can be very important in the current BW-on format, and late game when you're behind, N can give you the opportunity to come back. A well timed N works wonders so I've learned over the past few months. The list I posted is BW-on and is tournament legal, and Tool Scrapper probably won't matter too much as long as your metagame isn't filled with Garbodor. I thought the fighting Pokémon would only make your deck more inconsistent as you don't need them for your deck to work properly. Of course you can swap some cards with fighting Pokémon if you prefer.
    I like the fire fighting concept of burn and then smash. But I'll see what I can do to modify the deck because you do have some good points. I was seeing how I wasn't getting many basic pokemon. I want to keep the blissey because of heals. But I might throw in the emolga for basics only.
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