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    They say that conspiracies are just superstitions, created by the general public to create hysteria. I say they’re true, and that’s because of that one experience…

    It was sunny and the air smelled of freshly mowed grass. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and- oh who am I kidding. It was HORRIBLE. It smelled of pit sweat and the only sounds were the agonizing screams of kids reuniting with their bullies. The first day of school. Like 9th grade was hard enough. It was like returning to Nazi Germany after Hitler personally killed your family. I saw the POKE again, a group of kids obsessed with Pokémon. I sorta like Pokémon. Only a little. I used to LOVE it, but then came the Sinnoh region and it became a joke. Back to the current subject, all of the new classes were a bore and I was glad when school ended. But then, when walking back to school, I was ambushed and thrown into the back of a truck and was then hit with a frying pan, knocking me unconscious.
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