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    Lavender Vance
    Gneiss Town


    Lavender smiled to herself as she walked out of the room she was staying in. She had arrived in Gneiss Town the day before, but the lab had been empty, though after coming across a woman named Amberlyn she had been offered a room for the night which of course Lavender had accepted right away. "Good morning Amberlyn" she smiled looking at the woman who was at the stove. Amberlyn was in her early 20's having just gotten a place of her own, her skin was pale and her blonde hair was up in a bun.

    "Oh Good morning Lavender" Amberlyn smiled turning and setting a plate of pancakes on the table. "Breakfast is ready, how did you sleep?"

    Lavender smiled sitting down brushing a piece of her bright pink hair out of her eyes. "I slept wonderfully, thank you again for letting me stay with you" she said kindly putting 2 pancakes on the plate in front of her and grabbing a glass of milk.

    "It was no problem, I remember when I first started out as a trainer back in the Unova region and I know how thrilling it was, I couldn't just let you stay on the streets last night" Amberlyn smiled putting Pokemon food in a bowl and calling her Skitty, Precious to eat before sitting down across from Lavender and eating as well.

    Once the two females were done eating Lavender helped clean up the dishes. "I really appreciate it" she smiled picking up her bag that held her clothes, a first aid kit, as well as a tent and a sleeping bag.

    "here's my number, feel free to call anytime be it to check in or if you need any help" Amberlyn smiled walking the younger girl to the door.

    "I will" Lavender put the piece of paper into the pocket of her bag as she walked out of the house and waved to the older woman before walking towards the Gneiss Lab. It was still early morning, though not to early, the sky was blue sun up and the citizens of Gneiss Town were walking around some giving her a few glances as she walked by. Though Lavender did stand out. With her bright pink hair, black tank top that ended before her stomach, and her grey plaid skirt that was longer in the back though only on the left side of it. Her socks were also two different lengths and colors one was grey ending below her knee, the one on her left leg was thigh high and see through ending right below her first tattoo, a broken heart with horns and a white wing behind it. Her second tattoo was on her neck and it was just a 03.

    As she got closer to the lab a couple kids ran by kicking up some dirt that got on her skirt and she frowned brushing it off quickly yelling after them angrily. "Hey! Watch were your going!!" before muttering "brats" under her breath as she walked into the lab still brushing off her skirt, just to make sure it was clean, she hated dirt.

    "Good morning, your here for a Pokemon right?" a male voice said tone telling he was laid back, almost as if uncaring.

    "Yes I am" she snapped still angry from having gotten dirt on her, though it was pretty obvious what she was here for.

    "alright" the man said his hair was brown and unkempt making Lavender just want to cringe at the sight of it, he was in a green sweater, a lab coat, and beige pants, but worst of all, he was barefoot.

    "Ugh, a walking fashion disaster" she thought shaking her head before tuning back into what he was saying.

    "My name is Richard, do not call me Rich under any circumstances. Now I have several things for you Miss?"

    "Vance, Lavender Vance" she said extending her hand though she really didn't want to, the gesture was ignored as the man started talking again.

    "Alright Miss. Vance, I have for you five Pokeballs, Three Potions, Three Full Heals, your trainer card, and you may choose a P*DA, we have the colors Jet Black, Darumaka Red, Turquoise and Snake Green."

    Lavender smiled to herself. "I'll take the Jet Black one" she said and Richard nodded handing her the items he had listed off and the Jet Black P*DA.

    "The P*DA is similar to the Pokedex, it will give info on Pokemon, it also has more features like email and a phone" he said turning to a table with six Pokeballs. "we have six starters, Slugma, Drowzee, Carvanaha, Tynamo, Oddish, and Drifloon" he named off the Pokemon but didn't point to which Pokeball held which starter.

    Lavender smiled more. "Oddish is a cute Pokemon that would be a great starter" she smiled happily grabbing the first Pokeball she saw, the one second to the left. "I'll take this one"

    Richard nodded "alright, your all set to go, and if you don't like your Pokemon, your still stuck with it"

    Lavender turned and started to walk out of the lab a smirk forming on her face. "Thank you...Rich!" she called out running out of the lab hearing an annoyed groan behind her.

    After she exited the lab Lavender walked to a hill nearby and walked to the top looking at the Pokeball in her hand. "Alright come on out!" she called tossing the Pokeball into the air expecting to see a cute little Pokemon she frowned seeing a yellow and brown Pokemon with a trunk like nose, a Drowzee.

    "W-what! your not the cute little Pokemon I was expecting" she said in annoyance making the Drowzee glare at her, the start of a...'wonderful' friendship.

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